Customer Management System
It's about what makes us different.

It's hard enough to keep all your customers managed without losing track of them all but we at HostFiniti have a solution that will help you keep your customers in line so you won't miss a beat. Our customer management service is dedicated to making sure you keep track of all the data you get.

You can keep track of all the data that comes into your website forms through our professionally-designed system. It costs only $500 to get this system up and running and you can use it to get all sorts of data controlled:

  • It can collect tax information from all of your clients.
  • It will also sort out billing procedures and record any payments you've received or have yet to get.
  • You can also use this to keep track of invoices that you might owe.
  • It can even be used to organize and store contact information

You could definitely benefit from our service if you run a website for an accounting firm, an ecommerce site or a law firm among other businesses.

You can even contact us for help with an automated mailer. This costs $100 to order and will help you set up your newsletters and get them sent out to all the people on your email database on a regular basis based on what you've set up. This can also capture data from your website's data entry forms and place them in the right databases as necessary.

Consult us at HostFiniti today if you need help with getting a customer management system up and running. The odds are you'll benefit from our services no matter what kind of business you are trying to operate.